Project Spotlight: Restoration of a Minnesota Metal Grain Storage Facility.

The restoration project was completed on a 300,000 square foot standing seam metal building. The storage facility was uniquely designed with a substantially flat roof surface that pitched down to the ground on all four sides. The customer stored approximately 2 million bushels of corn in the building, but had been having problems over the years keeping the grain dry. The condition of the building was in the early stages of deterioration, showing signs of mild to severe surface rust and leaks. The application process of Conklin's Metal Roof (MR) Restoration System took approximately eight weeks to complete. Not only did the new roof resolve the customers leaking problems, but it created a waterproof barrier that extended the life of the building for years to come.

ADDITIONAL BENEFIT: Years from now, when it is time to renew the protection of the MR System, a simple recoat will do the job - extending the roof systems warranty and the life of the roof.

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