Stops leaks, Energy Loss from the top down

Conklin's SPF System is a great way to provide high-grade insulation on both roofing and interior wall applications for top-down protection from the elements. An SPF application effectively controls air infiltration, adds building strength and reduces heating and cooling cost. During the restoration process, each problem area is systematically addressed, repaired, and resealed; then the entire roof is sealed with a spray foam application, followed by an attractive and energy-savings finish coat.

ADVANTAGES of Conklin's SPF System:

  • Stops leaks with superior waterproofing
  • Stops lateral water seepage with the foams closed cell structure
  • Increases energy efficiency and lowers utility expenses with it’s cool white, reflective surface
  • Extends the life of the existing roof
  • Seals entire building’s energy envelope when applied to the roof and interior walls.

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